• World Championship
    02 – 06 October 2019
    Nędza near Racibórz in Poland.
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What is Mondioring?

It is a dog sport consisting of three parts: obedience, jumping, protection.

Mondioring consists of 3 parts:

    obedience: walking at the leg, staying, retrieving, not taking food, position, sending forward and in the second and third categories searching for the guide items - so-called guide "Trees" jumps: station from 1 m to 1.20 m, long jump from 3 m to 4 m and palisade from 1.80 m to 2.30 m and defenses: frontal attack with a truncheon, escape, defending the guide, in the second category there is a frontal attack with objects, the area with transport, with the frontal attack from the bat the helper stands behind the obstacle as well as in the third category, in which additionally guarding the object and canceling the attack.

In Mondioring we distinguish three categories 1,2 and the so-called Royal category - 3.

Each category differs in the dogs working time and degree of difficulty (e.g. more difficult retrieve, longer distances between the guide and the dog during individual tasks, spread food in the ring, etc.) as well as the working time of the dog where in category I the dog works on average 15 min and in category III - 40 min All exercises are performed during one start, so it is very important not only to train the dog for this job, but also his psychophysical condition.

We would like to invite all participants and guests to the Gala Dinner and the concert AC/CZ Revival

Price: 25 euros, payable on place until 04.10.2019 at 14.00 CET. Tickets can be purchased on place at the competition catering office Kuchnia Polowa Miś.


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